Internal Oak Doors

Like our Period Oak Flooring is to our flooring range, our Period Plank Doors are the mainstay of our door range.

Admired by whomever sees them (and undoubtedly wants to touch them!), these doors are subject to the same processes as our Period Oak Flooring.

We manufacture the boards with an undulation running through them, customers then have the option of a beaded or a butt joint between the boards – both creating a slightly different appearance.

Like our Period Flooring, our Plank doors can also be purchased in choice of different finishes.

All of our doors can be manufactured with a ‘flat’ profile if required and as a further alternative can also be supplied in an unfinished kit form to be constructed and finished on site.

Whilst we have a plethora of different style and design choices in our portfolio we also actively encourage our customers to suggest any new ideas that they may have to contribute to the design of their own doors.

All our doors are made ‘bespoke’ and our sales team will do their utmost to accommodate any personal requests you may have. our OAK Period Plank Doors are the mainstay of our door range.

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